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ebay Hits is the only ebay website that has gathered all ebay sites in one place and is equipped with a search engine that searches all ebays at once. This established ebay search guide advertises all items and also Hits (Successful items) worth-buying on all ebays of the world. ebay is so big that there is a need for a secondary website to cherry pick good ones! Hope we can show you best deals, but don’t think that this is a one-way street, please feel free to post your recommendations too so everyone can discuss about it. We complement ebay enterprise and always remember these two websites bring a better shopping experience for you:

ebay ebay Hits = A Better Shopping Experience!


This professional website has collected all possible ebay websites in one place and is equipped with an ebay search engine that searches all ebay domains at once to help you easily find all your items. Smartly take advantage of all ebay domains to smartly increase your chance to find the best items with lowest possible price as well as highest quality available on ebay.

Would you like to bargain on ebay? That’s fine, just click on Hits (Hits✔) and choose Best Offer (Bargain)✔ and you can negotiate with the seller for a lower price!

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Purchase items from higher rated sellers with high positive feedback ranges like 99-100% and once chosen the items with your desired range will appear as the green sign (Feedback). Also by default it will show F$ for those items which are eligible for Free Shipping.

No. 1 ebay Reference Guide!

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On the home page you will find a link to all official ebay domains of all countries including: USA, Australia, Germany, Neherlands, United kingdom, Ireland, Austria, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada (English and French), Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium (Dutch and French), Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the rest of the countries that have their own National ebay websites including: Sweden,  Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam .

If you are travelling to another country and do not know the address of the ebay of that country, just go to ebayhits.com to find your appropriate website. ebay Hits will help you cherry pick good ones (Hits).

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